I’m rested up after Albacon–kudos to the ConCom. Albacon is a very small convention (~150 attendees), but the panels were well-attended, the discussion was lively, the parties were fun, the con suite well-stocked, and the overall experience first rate.

I enjoyed all of the panels I was on, especially moderating “Best Summer Movies”–I should have guessed that doing movie reviews would lead to really enjoying panels about them. I also got to expound about small press, editing anthologies, and funny SF.

Visits to the huckster’s room were tempting, and in some cases, books were purchased. All the panels were tons of fun to listen to, especially Keith DeCandido’s reading (he read from his Leverage tie-in novel The Zoo Job, and from “The Ballad of Big Charlie,” his contribution to V-Wars, an anthology edited by Jonathan Maberry.

And for the first time ever I made it to the green room. The pumpkin soup was amazing.

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