. . . and it’s going to be a busy one. Hip deep here in prep for Thanksgiving with the family, pick-up of the houseguest, and packing for Darkovercon.

If you’ll be in Timonium, here is where you can find me:

3pm Main Programming
The Price of Magic
[Panelists: J-F Bibeau, Katherine Kurtz, Diana Paxson, Tamora Pierce, Delia Sherman, Elektra Hammond (mod)]
You can’t get something out of nothing. What kind of price does magic demand, and why, in your universe?

5pm Steampunk Programming
Decorate or Make Your Own Hat or Fascinator
workshop – [steampunk staff]
Bring a hat or buy a fascinator “blank” and decorate it with the help of our steampunk experts.

Noon Alternate Programming
Independent Publishers
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond, Mike McPhail & Katie Hartlove]
In the past, if you wanted your book to be published you had a small number of big name publishers to choose from. With today’s technology, the publishing field is exploding. Learn about the independent publishers.

2pm Main Programming
SF seems to have two poles
[Panelists: Margaret Carter, Elektra Hammond, Debra Killeen, Tim Liebe, Don Sakers, Melissa Scott, Carl Cipra (mod)]
SF seems to have two poles: Frankenstein and Pygmalion, and the field shambles from one to the other over time. Where are we now?

4pm Alternate Programming
The many faces of art
[Panelists: Tristan Alexander, Shoshana Epsilon, Hannah Shapero, Elektra Hammond (mod)]
What is art & what makes a medium art versus a craft. Painting a picture with oil is considered art, while painting with thread (embroidery) is considered a craft. How does modern technology impact this?

5pm Steampunk Programming
Steampunk Literature
[Panelists: Mark P. Donnelly, Steve Southard, Kevin M. Houghton, Elektra Hammond (mod)]
A discussion of steampunk literature, past and current.

11am Alternate Programming
Promoting 101
[Panelists: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Elektra Hammond, Kelly Harmon]
Workshop/panel discussion. Learn about when and how to promote for little to no expense. Covers creative marketing, reviews, press releases, author interviews, and more.

Noon Main Programming
Lord Byron said . . .
[Panelists: C. S. Friedman, Esther Friesner, Elektra Hammond, Scott MacMillan, Vonnie Winslow-Crist, Leona Wisoker, Carl Cipra (mod)]
Lord Byron said “life is a tragedy to the person who feels and a comedy to the person who thinks.” But you have to do both—think and feel. Which is more important, and why?


I will also be at the Steampunk Promenade Saturday evening (Pirate!), the Clam Chowder Concert/Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Saturday Night, and Igor’s wealth-redistribution session following the Hallelujah chorus even later Saturday night. And I’ll be hanging around the Dark Quest Books table in the Huckster’s Room.

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