I’ve gotten my final Confluence schedule–they’ve added another panel on Sunday. I still don’t know what some of these panels are about. And there are no moderators specified as yet–I suppose we’ll end up using some of the time-honored methods for choosing such: last arrival at the panel, person sitting in the center, etc. Should be fun.

1:00pm in Oak
Keeping Within the Constraints
[Panelists: Cat Faber, Seanan McGuire, James Daniel Ross, Elektra Hammond]
Comment: Oh boy–a panel with GOH Seanan McGuire. And I’ll get to see Dan (who is in both my anthologies, In an Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk & Galactic Creatures. I haven’t met Cat yet, but I know she’s a filker, and I look forward to meeting her, also.

10:00pm in Oak
Sins Are Refreshed : Frank Discussions, Erotic Readings and Naughty Jokes
[Panelists: KT Pinto, Elektra Hammond, Kevin M Hayes]
Comment: I’ll be reading something written by Bernie Mojzes, caterpillar erotica from an Alice in Wonderland-themed collection. Find out why caterpillars are the new cephalopods. Thank you Bernie!! I’ll also be setting the mood with some single malt–come by and have a drink with us.

noon in Oak
Thank Heaven for Little Subs
[Panelists: Danielle Ackely-McPhail, Larry Ivkovich, Elektra Hammond, Jeff Young]
Comment: I’m not sure if this panel is on sub-genres or small press–everyone on the panel has published with small press at one point or another. Hopefully we’ll find out before the panel starts . . . .

1:00pm in Oak
Geek Culture versus Geek Generation
[Panelists: Paul Melko, David Barr Kirtley, Christopher Pisano, Elektra Hammond]
Comment: This is the panel that was just added. Sounds interesting!

Hope I see a bunch of folks at Confluence–it’s always a fun convention!

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