. . . and it did. Night before last. 1am. The mysterious wet spot on the bed. Cautious sniff. Sigh of relief–NOT cat pee. So I got out of bed, turned on a light and peeled back the sheets. Two minutes examination revealed that we had, in fact, sprung a leak.

July 2009, when we left upstate New York for Delaware (the First State!), one of the things we left behind was a very, very patched waterbed mattress (witness to dozens of litters of kittens growing up in the bedroom). One of the things we furnished the new house in Delaware with was a new waterbed, complete with a new mattress, heater, etc.

And now it has its first leak. Why can’t I ever discover these things during daylight? So I got out the patch kit (from the night table drawer–I’ve got this down to a science) and ceremoniously glued a patch over the leak. Once it was dry, the bed could be remade and sleep could resume. Disaster averted–until the next time.

At least it wasn’t cat pee.

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