I’m heading down to Chattacon this weekend, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Last night, the programming schedule turned up in my email, and I’m very pleased to announced that they’ve put me on some panels! Without further ado:

8:00pm Gallery A&B
Meet the Pro’s Reception
Wherein I will be hanging around mostly playing fangirl to the major guests of the convention . . . .

2:00pm Gallery B
Stories: The Long and Short of It
[panelists: Lee, Miller, Van Name, Hammond]
Note: This panel is opposite the Baen Traveling Slide Show, and everyone on it (other than me!) is a Baen author. Odd scheduling]

5:00pm Gallery B
The Virgin Chronicles–Newbie Writers
[panelists: Hammond, Conley]

I will also be at the FOL (Friends of Liad) breakfast if there is one.

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