LunaconSATURDAY, 16 March
Humor in SF
[Panelists: Dan Kimmel (M), Elektra Hammond, Theodore Krulik, Alex Shvartsman, Patrick Thomas]
What are the most effective humorous SF books? Are any both funny and groundbreaking, or does humor rely on sending up established tropes? What both funny and sad? Funny and plausible? How much of SF humor depends on surprise, and how much stands up to rereading? Do SF and fantasy humor work the same way, or are there fundamental differences?
Note: I’m looking forward to being on a panel with both Alex and Pat, both of whom I’ve worked with on anthologies and whose writing I love

SATURDAY, 16 March
Halsted I
Tiny Hats Workshop
[Panelists: Laurel Cunningham Hill (M), Elektra Hammond, Carol Salemi]
With trim and other materials, decorate one of those adorable tiny hats that everyone is wearing. $5 for supplies.

SATURDAY, 16 March
Westchester Ballroom A2
Game of Thrones: TV vs. Books
[Panelists: Perrianne Lurie (M), Elektra Hammond, Hugh Casey, Douglas Cohen, Toni Lay]
We’ve had two seasons of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES, roughly covering books 1-2 of GRRM’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.” How good is the adaptation, and how does it differ from the books? Does it matter to your impression that Martin is involved in the adaption?
Notes: I have a panel with Hugh–most fun ever!

SUNDAY, 17 March
Westchester Ballroom A2
Steampunk – More than Cool Goggles & Victorian
[Panelists: Susan Toker (M), Elektra Hammond, Hugh Casey, Laurel Cunningham Hill]
These days almost anything goes. Find out the essential parts needed to make an outfit steampunk.
Notes: I have a another panel with Hugh–even more fun!

This looks like a lot of fun–hope I see you there!

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