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Short Fiction
"In the Form of a Question" in TV Gods. Fortress Publishing, Inc., Forthcoming May 2014.
"The Case of The Duchess's Dog" in In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk. July 2011.

Book Review: Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them edited by Susan Bertrand in TICA Trend, October/November 2012.
Book Review: The Last Free Cat by Jon Blake in TICA Trend, June/July 2012.
"Malta Cat Club Show" in TICA Trend, April/May 2012.
Book Review: Fur-Face by Jon Gibbs in TICA Trend, April/May 2012.
Book Review: A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber in TICA Trend, February/March 2012.
Book Review: Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation by Nathan Winograd in TICA Trend, December 2011/January 2012.
Book Review: Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme by Carole Nelson Douglas in TICA Trend, October/November 2011.
Book Review: Naughty No More by Marilyn Krieger in TICA Trend, August/September 2011, Bengals Illustrated, April/May/June 2011.
Book Review: The Cat's Job, Special Edition by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller in TICA Trend, June/July 2011.
Book Review: The Theory of Cat Gravity by Robin Wood in TICA Trend, April/May 2011.
Book Review: Murder Past Due By Miranda James in TICA Trend, February/March 2011.
"The Savannah Standard" in Savannahs Illustrated, January/February/March 2011.
"TICA Memories: Early Shows" in TICA Trend, April/May 2010.
"How to Save Money When Putting on a Cat Show" in TICA Trend, April/May 2010.
"Why Show?" in The Cat Breeder's Handbook, 2nd Edition, November 2009.
"Am I Blue?" in Bengals Illustrated, October/November/December 2009.
"Inside the Mind of a TICA Judge" in Bengals Illustrated, November/December 2008.
"Meet Methuselah RW SGC Cooncreole Red Sonja of BlueBlaze" in MCBFA Scratch Sheet, Fall 2006.

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