Last night I picked up a bottle of Glenmorangie Lasanta (at some point they started giving the special wood finish bottles “fancy” names). Lasanta is the sherry cask finish. I’ve had it on my list since CapClave in October, where the hotel bar stocked it (and had really reasonable prices). I’ve already got a bottle of The Quinta Ruben, which is the port wine finish–referred to at home as “The Good Stuff.”

For those who don’t know, my drink of choice is scotch (single malt), and my favorite scotchs are the peaty ones, especially Glenmorangie. The special finish ones–those are for those special occasions, or when I’ve just had a heck of a day.

Of course, once I was in the liquor store, I spotted the third option: Nectar d’Or, which is finished in a sauterne cask. Sounds yummy. I’ve got it on my wish list.

We stock blended scotch, too. I used it for cooking.