Approximately three weeks ago, during the extremely exotic task of chasing down a cat out from under a table, I stood up [quickly] before I was completely out from under said table. The result: I have a broken wing. Or, to be more precise, a fractured left scapula.

The orthopedist says it should heal relatively quickly. Which is good, because the scapula can’t be splinted or put into a cast. I can use a sling when my arm/shoulder feels really tired and/or sore. I’m restricted to lifting no more than five pounds with my left hand. And the pain clinic has upped my pain meds for the duration.

Once the fracture has resolved, there may or may not be a course of physical therapy to complete the healing process.

Right now, everything is difficult, from hanging up clothes to driving. And, of course, I was contractually obligated to judge cat shows the last two weekends. One of them I had a trainee who handled [did all the heavy lifting] for me–thanks Lorraine!! The other one I just had to tough it out. Surprisingly, no one seemed to notice I was judging with only one hand . . . .

The next few weeks all I have is a few writing events. We’ll see how they go.