We had a cat club meeting at the fabulous Nautilus Diner in Timonium, Maryland on Sunday. Mike and I have a bit over an hour travel time each way, and due to our other plans for the day, ended up at the meeting a bit early. So we sat at the counter and had a drink while we waited (I indulged in one of their wonderful egg creams–there are few things one cannot get at the Nautilus).

I pull out my laptop and started editing (I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment). Mike was reading. In due course, a few folks arrived and we joined them at a table and had lunch and the meeting. Both went well–we accomplished a lot at the meeting, and food at the Nautilus is always good.

As things were winding down, our club president pulled out her phone to check on something, and in due course flagged down the waitress. Before I realized what was happening, she had asked for the wireless password. The waitress had no clue.

After the waitress left, I explained that the wireless she was picking up was the secured hotspot coming off my phone . . . I had needed to spot check something on the internet earlier and brought it up and promptly forgotten about it. Sitting across from me, it was showing as a very powerful wireless signal, so it had to be the diner, right? Nobody from the cat world knows that I’m Until Midnight . . .

I gave her the password.