I fedexed a box today. It represented the last book I’ll work on from the Virginia Edition–the special re-publication of everything Robert A. Heinlein ever wrote, plus assorted correspondence and tributes. It’s an incredible project, one I’m terribly proud to have worked on, and I’m sorry it’s over. This was volume 46 of 46, and there are no more to proofread.

This book was Requiem edited by Yoji Kondo–an expanded version of the book previously published in 1992 by Tor. It contains a few choice stories plus several speeches given by Heinlein, then moves on to tributes and remembrances, from admirers and friends, a veritable who’s who in space exploration, science fiction and literature.

The personal stories, some of them by those who have also passed, had me in tears. This is a fabulous tribute to a man who made an incredible contribute to more than just the field of science fiction, and a fitting conclusion to the Virginia Edition. If (like me) you can’t afford to subscribe to the Virginia Edition, you can pick up a copy of the Tor edition of Requiem, which is still readily available.