Worldcon is coming up soon! in San Antonio, Texas, and here is how to find me.

I’ve got some panels to do, I’ll be helping staff both the Phoenix in 2014 NasFic Bid (probably by working at site selection, but maybe at the bid table) & parties Thursday and Friday night, and the Broad Universe table, and I’ll be doing something to help with the Masquerade (whatever Sharon tells me to do–she gets first call on my time!).

Here’s my schedule: (all panels are 50 minutes)

FRIDAY, 30 August
[Business Lunch]

1pm – Convention Center 101A
Hats and Hat Making
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond, Janine Wardale]
Where do you find hats for costuming, and how do you get started in making your own?

5pm – Convention Center 003A
Embellishment Techniques
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond, Sandy Pettinger, Janine Wardale]
Learn the basics of embellishment techniques like applique, beading, quilting, and more!

SATURDAY, 31 August
11am – Convention Center 006A
Steampunk: The Present and the Future
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond(M), Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio, Takayuki Tatsumi]
Over the last decade the Steampunk genre has exploded. There is a growing presence of Steampunk in literature, the cinema and television. We will discuss both the classics and new offerings, including how to find them, and how ‘steamy’ they are.

12noon – Convention Center 003A
Adapting Historical Fashion
[Panelists: Julie Barrett, Janine Wardale, Elektra Hammond]
How do you learn about historical fashion trends, and how do you adapt those trends to original designs and historically-inspired fashions like medieval fantasy and steampunk?

2pm – Convention Center 007B
30 Great SF & Fantasy Films You Almost Certainly Haven’t Seen
[Panelists: Perrianne Lurie (M), Val Ontell, Elektra Hammond, Terry Floyd, Adam-Troy Castro]
The many new options for home viewing have greatly increased the availability of any number of obscure, independent, and foreign films available to anybody willing to risk a journey off the beaten path. Panelists will take two minutes apiece to sell you some little-known masterpieces you should check out at you first opportunity. Be prepared to take notes.

8pm – Rivercenter Grand Ballroom

SUNDAY, 1 September
10am – Convention Center 007B
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
[Panelists: Valerie Frankel(M), Laurel Anne Hill, Roberta Rogow, Tracey Godsey, Katherine Villyard, Alexis Latner, Rachael Acks, Folly Blaine, Barbara Ann Wright, J.K. Cheney, Elektra Hammond]
Very short readings from members of Broad Universe.

1pm – Convention Center 101A
Building a Costume Library
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond(M), C.J. Mills, Byron P. Connell, Pierre Pettinger Jr]
How do you find costuming books? How to tell the good from the bad books. When to buy instead of borrow.

MONDAY, 2 September
10am – Convention Center 008A
Summer Blockbusters – 2013
[Panelists: Mark Oshiro(M), Melinda M. Snodgrass, Elektra Hammond, Heather Urbanski]
This year’s summer blockbusters are now (almost) history. Iron Man 3, Star Trek…it’s all over but the long form Hugo nominations. Let’s discuss this year’s crop. Why are they always franchises?