Mike spent a good chunk of yesterday helping his brothers move his mom (my MIL) from one section of Cokesbury Village (the senior living center she resides in) to another. This resulted in two carloads of assorted “stuff” that was surplused by the move to smaller quarters.

We did end up with some nice furniture that we will put to good use–enabling us to upgrade the guest room from a full size bed to a queen, and a nice little end table/cabinet we can use to park some of the cat “stuff” we use in the sunroom. But we also got all of the sewing and needlework supplies, as no one else in the family has any interest (my SIL knits, so she got all the yarn and knitting needles!).

One day I will get this house organized but, not today.

ETA: I went through the box of needlework patterns and books, sorting keepers from donations (keep an eye out at your next cat show raffle!). Logged the reference books into the library software–I am currently using Readerware 3. Currently number of books logged in: 8,945. The truly frightening thought: a good portion of Mike’s library has yet to be entered into the software. Nearly all of my books are, other than a few that have gotten misplaced in the packing process when we came here. I am sticking a small label in the books as I logged them into the software, so it is relatively easy to tell which ones have been missed.