For those who will be in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at Philcon this coming weekend (18-20 November 2011), here is where to find me at the con. Otherwise, I’ll probably be hanging around the Dark Quest table in the Huckster’s Room:

3:00pm in Plaza V (five)
Costume & Garment Embellishment–When do you Stop?
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond (mod), Lisa Ashton, Kat Grossberg, Kris Twesme, Patricia Wake, Nikki Cohen]

Our panel discusses the “fun” part of building your costume—embellishment—sometimes sparkly and glitzy, or not always. Everyone thinks this part is easy, but it is not always evident how to do it well. What is appropriate, how much, horizontal, vertical,
or diagonal or curved? Monochrome or contrast? Shiny or not, what if
you can’t find the right color? All these questions will be addressed.

7:00pm in Crystal Ballroom Three
George R.R. Martin’s “The Song of Ice and Fire”
[Panelists: David M. Axler (mod), Myke Cole, Andrew C. Murphy, Shira Lipkin, Elektra Hammond]

This series, now up to five books, has also spawned a hit HBO series. What is so special about Martin’s work? Is it the “new Dune”?

10:00am in Plaza IV (four)
Steam: Ironing Out The Details
[Panelists: Richard Stout (mod), Gil Cnaan, Elektra Hammond, Jonah
Knight, G.D. Falksen]

What exactly makes a story “Steampunk”? Is it just a matter of slapping a few weird-science inventions on a Victorian setting, or is there more to it?

12 noon in Plaza II (two)
Starting in Steampunk: What are the Costume Basics?
[Panelists: Thomas Willeford (mod), Elektra Hammond, Gil Cnaan, Matt Black]

Steampunk has experienced overwhelming popularity in the recent past. How can you develop a steampunk costume or persona that is believable? What are the basic pieces for men or women? How about
accessories, shoes, hats, weapons, survival gear . . . ?

2:00pm in Plaza V (five)
Using Found Materials: Thrift Stores, Yard Sales & Grandma’s Attic
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond (mod), Thomas Willeford, Kris Twesme,
Stephanie Burke, Mike McPhail, Richard Stout]

Most of us don’t have unlimited funds to spend on building costumes.
The fun is trying to make serendipitous finds fit the need. Making over a thrift store dress, spraying an old crocheted sweater silver
as “mail”, perhaps finding a vintage hat in the attic—how do these spark your imagination?

I hope I see you’all there!