Philcon is this weekend! I’ll be busy, busy, busy, right here in Cherry Hill. Look for me sitting in the main convention lobby at the Masquerade Table (I’m Masquerade Director this year) if you need me or in Operations (I’ll be helping with the cashy money). Come by and volunteer to help with either the Masquerade or my sanity.

Here’s my panel schedule:

FRIDAY, 8 November
6pm – Plaza III (Three)
Cosplay in the Anime World versus International Costumers Guild (ICG) Competition
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond(mod), Aurora Celeste, Byron Connell, Raven Stormbringer, Laura Kovalcin]
Masquerades at science fiction conventions began in the 1950s–how do they differ from the cosplay competitions at anime conventions? A lively discussion to dispel myths, clear up confusion and help integrate two compatible groups.

SATURDAY, 9 November

11am – 1pm (2 hours!) – Grand Ballroom A
Masquerade Rehearsal

1pm – Plaza III (Three)
Editing Anthologies: Beyond the Gimmick
[Panelists: Elektra Hammond (mod), Brian Koscienski, Alex Shvartsman, Keith R.A. DeCandido]
Anthologies are often sold on the basis of a gimmick or concept that connects the stories, such as “Killer Rutabagas from Space”. How do you get beyond the gimmick to a work of substance. Note: This follows right on the main Masquerade rehearsal. Alex Shvartsman will start moderating the panel if I’m late . . .

SUNDAY, 10 November
11am – Plaza V (Five)
The Summer of Science Fiction
[Panelists: Jay Smith (mod), Tony Finan, Orenthal Hawkins, Mark Leeper, Elektra Hammond]
2013 had an impressive line-up of genre films, from Star Trek Into Darkness and Elysium to Man of Steel and The Wolverine. Did this summer’s blockbusters fulfill our geeky needs? Discuss with the
panelists the pros and cons of this summer’s movies and which ones you would buy on DVD
Note: This panel is opposite the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire-Reading, which I also really wanted to do . . . but I am a movie critic.