I haven’t said a lot about Chicon–probably because, well, 5 days in Chicago, not quite 3 days home, then 2 days judging a cat show in White Rock, British Columbia. I’m still catching up. There were quite a few high points: going to the bar for a nibble that first night and meeting George R.R. Martin, meeting Jim C. Hines just moments after purchasing Libriomancer and getting it signed, meeting Ferrett Steinmetz and having dinner with him, his lovely wife Gini Judd, and Amy Sundberg (and my dh Mike). I did my first ever worldcon panels, and committed to Lonestarcon (Worldcon 2013) next year and supported the Phoenix in 2014 bid for NasFic (and got an awesome Magnus and Loki t-shirt).

And, best of all, thanks to Larry Smith, Bookseller, my latest publishing effort, Galactic Creatures, was on sale in the Worldcon hucksters’ room. I have proof.

galactic creatures at chicon 7