Here’s my Worldcon schedule. I’m arriving Wednesday evening, and leaving Monday evening, so they’ll be lots of time to socialize. I hope to meet lots of online friends IRL, and to meet up with, well, everyone!

My Schedule:

THURSDAY, 30 August
Hall or Competition Costume
[Panelists: Kevin Roche (M), Aurora Celeste, David M. Stein, Elektra Hammond]
How do I determine if a costume is a competition costume or a hall costume?

MONDAY, 3 September
Grand Ballroom B
Steampunk and Cosplaying: Boon, Threat, or Menace?
[Panelists: Kevin Roche (M), Elektra Hammond, Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Richard Dutcher, Sarah Hans]
Everybody’s seen the steampunk and cosplaying enthusiasts who’ve become a major part of SF conventions and fandom in general; is this new rise of organized costumers a benefit to SF fandom, or is it just a ephemeral trend that won’t amount to anything permanent?

And there you have it.