As I work on trying to get a few of my deadline projects taken finised up before this weekend’s cat show (including the homework for Thursday night’s class!), but I wanted to get my schedule for Mysticon posted for those of you planning ahead for the end of the month.

This will be my first Mysticon, and I’m really looking forward to it. Mysticon will be 24 – 26 February in Roanoke, Virginia. When I’m not on a panel (or attending one), I’ll be manning the fan table for Darkovercon. Come by and say “hi.”

Without further ado, my schedule is:

10pm Boardroom 1
Tales from the Darkside (of Fandom) Fan or Fanatic
It’s a theme that never gets old. What horror stories about conventions, clubs, costumes, dueling egos, and practical jokes gone wrong do you have to tell?

9am Boardroom 1
Web Design–Just the Nuts and Bolts
Are you interested in creating your very own website? Whether it’s for a business, a convention, or your rants and raves at society, join me as I explain the basics to get one started.
I’m going to be dragging out my ancient CS creds (yes, I have a CS degree–Ivy League even) and dusting off my teaching skills for this one. A simple overview, and lots of pointers on wher to get more do-it-yourself info. Hopefully someone will be an early riser Saturday morning and join me . . .

4pm Boardroom 1
What’s with the goggles?
With the continuing popularity of all things steampunk, it’s not uncommon to see it done well, but is also done very badly. Panelists will look at steampunk from its cultural and historic roots, as well as examine costumes from classic steampunk character archetypes.

1pm Dogwood 2
Come to our Convention
Come hear about other great conventions in the Mid Altantic area.
I will be expounding upon the virtues of Darkovercon 35, happening Thanksgiving weekend in Timonium, Maryland and this year featuring GOH Nalo Hopkinson.

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