As a long time trekkie, I had to go see Star Trek Into Darkness, and I so wanted to love it. It’s got a great cast, a hot director, a big budget. And yet–this isn’t my father’s Star Trek, nor is it mine. It’s trying so hard to be a summer tentpole blockbuster that it’s lost sight of what Star Trek is.

I hope they find themselves. The new kid on the block is fun, but not nearly as interesting as that old guy we’ve known for so many years. I miss my father’s Star Trek–my Star Trek.

My somewhat more detailed, yet spoiler-free review is over at buzzy-mag–that was fun to juggle, given the content. Go take a look.

An excerpt:
But Into Darkness? That’s a hard call. Don’t get me wrong–it’s entertaining, it’s fun. High action, great effects, chase scenes, things going boom. But it’s not really my Trek.

Honestly, don’t listen to me–go see it anyway. It has it’s moments–there are seatbelts on the Enterprise. I just wish it had been . . . more.

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