The Cat’s Job Special Edition
by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Chapbook 2010
SRM Publisher Ltd.
ISBN: 1-935224-07-7
available at

Rating: 5 paws (out of 5)
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cover image for The Cat's Job

The Cat’s Job is an engaging smorgasbord of short features starring various and sundry fantastic felines. Some of them are true tales about real cats, spun by master storytellers. Others are pure fantasy. All are fun to read and will touch your heart.

Within you’ll find out about the interesting assortment of felines who have shared the lives of the authors through the years, about the cat who saves the world (on a regular basis), and who the King of the Cats really is. You’ll read about cat behaviors that might seem odd, but are perfectly believable to anyone who lives with cats.

You’ll giggle and sometimes you’ll cry, and you’ll enjoy every single word. This is a beautifully put together collection, chock full of entertaining tales. Recommended for anyone who loves cats, and suitable for all ages.