Hurog Duology:
Dragon Bones & Dragon Blood

by Patricia Briggs
narrated by Joe Manganiello

dragon bones & dragon blood - audio books covers
Audiobooks published by
Buzzy Multimedia
Dragon Bones (book #1)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9827792-1-7
Dragon Blood (book #2)
ISBN-13: 978-0982779231

5 bookmarks (out of 5)

Also available as Mass Market Paperbacks published by Ace

I’ve been a fan of Patty Briggs for years. I own and have read all her books, even to having a original edition of Masques, which I’m told had a first printing of two thousand copies. I saw it on the bookstore shelf and picked it up, ’cause it sounded like something I wanted to read. And indeed it was. I do that a lot–it may be a family thing*.

I had previously read and enjoyed the Hurog books, and Buzzy Multimedia and I go way back. And I am positively addicted to listening to audiobooks in the car, particularly when I have to drive anywhere longer than five minutes away.

Dragon Bones, and its sequel Dragon Blood are the story of Wardwick of Hurog, who grew out of a hard childhood in his beloved homeland of Chauvig into a reluctant hero. He has a good-heart, loves his family, and has a magical bond [of sorts] to the land that he doesn’t understand.

Ward struggles to grow into his destiny and hold his part of the kingdom together.
It isn’t easy for him. He has to make some really hard choices, and get involved in a lot of politics he’d just as soon avoid.

Patty Briggs has created a complex, richly textured world full of interesting characters. The plot is twisty and unpredictable and the writing (listening) wonderfully descriptive. While each book is complete in and of itself, they leave you wishing there was more.

While these are the only books set in this particular world, Patty Briggs has written many others, some stand alone, and several series. All are worth reading.

A sample of each of these audiobooks can be heard at the buzzy website.
One of the terrific things Buzzy does with their audiobooks is a cross-pollination of fandoms thing. They start with a book(s) that are popular on their own, and try to bring in new fans by using a reader from another segment of fandom, with their own following. In this case the books are read by Joe Manganiello, currently in the HBO series True Blood playing “Alcide Herveux.” Hopefully, some of Joe’s fans have tried the audiobooks, and discovered Patty Briggs . . . .

*My dad [D] once brought home an album and played it for the family. Said he thought the guy was going to “make it someday.” The album was Tapestry by Don McLean. A year later he would release American Pie. D did that a lot.

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